Baja Legend EXP Tyre
Mickey Thompson

The Baja Legend EXP heralds a proven breed of performance in an all-terrain tyre as it combines unique design elements, technology and engineering. With that combination, this tyre is a cross between an all-terrain and a mud-terrain tyre to give you the grip and performance when you need it, while retaining remarkable on-road traction and low noise levels to get you down the road in comfort.

Key Features

  • LARGE SURFACE AREA TREAD ELEMENTS WITH DEEP WIDE VOIDS - Provide biting edges for maximum traction off-road while the large channels expel water, improving wet grip on-road.
  • FUNCTIONAL SIDEBITERS - These large sidebiters improve traction and reduce the chance of sidewall damage on any terrain.
  • WIDE OUTER VOIDS WITH TAPERED TRANSITIONS - Offer a larger contact patch with the road, improving on-road performance when cornering.
  • STONE EJECTORS AND BEVELLED EDGES - Stone Ejectors and Bevelled Edges fling dirt and small stones out of the tyre, ensuring they don't drill through to the carcass, reducing the chance of tyre damage.
  • NEXT-GEN LIGHTWEIGHT HIGH TENSILE BODY PLIES - Next-Gen Lightweight High Tensile Body Plies on top of the light truck construction strengthens the carcass of the tyre, giving greater sidewall protection and tear resistance. It also improves ride comfort.
  • CHEMICALLY-COUPLED SILICA COMPOUND - Mickey Thompson Tires use an exclusive compound recipe utilising Chemically-Coupled Silica. It lowers rolling resistance while enhancing wet grip and improving cut and chip resistance, working together to extend the tyre's life and durability.

Performance Category: On & Off Road

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Tyre Brand: Mickey Thompson

Tyre Name: Baja Legend EXP

Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
31x10.5R15LT 109QLT109Q C
33x12.5R15LT 108QLT108Q C
35x12.5R15LT 113QLT113Q C
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
LTLT245/70R16 118Q118Q E
LTLT265/70R16 121Q121Q E
LTLT265/75R16 123Q123Q E
LTLT285/75R16 126Q126Q E
LTLT305/70R16 124Q124Q E
LTLT315/75R16 127Q127Q E
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
LTLT265/65R17 120Q120Q E
LTLT265/70R17 121Q121Q E
LTLT275/70R17 121Q121Q E
LTLT285/70R17 121Q121Q E
LTLT295/70R17 121Q121Q E
LTLT305/65R17 121Q121Q E
LTLT315/70R17 121Q121Q D
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
35x12.5R18LT 118QLT118Q D
LTLT265/60R18 119Q119Q E
LTLT265/70R18 121Q121Q E
LTLT275/65R18 123Q123Q E
LTLT275/70R18 125Q125Q E
LTLT285/65R18 125Q125Q E
LTLT295/70R18 129Q129Q E
LTLT305/60R18 126Q126Q F
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
35x12.5R20LT 125QLT125Q F
LTLT265/60R20 121Q121Q E
LTLT275/55R20 120Q120Q E
LTLT275/60R20 123Q123Q E
LTLT275/65R20 126Q126Q E
LTLT285/55R20 122Q122Q E
LTLT285/60R20 125Q125Q E
LTLT305/55R20 125Q125Q F