Your vehicle’s tyres are the only point of contact with the road surface, making them one of the most vital components on your vehicle. Modern safety systems like ABS, Stability Control, Collision Avoidance are all for nothing if your tyres can’t keep a grip on the road.

As a result, it is highly recommended that you conduct a monthly visual inspection of your tyres, including checking for correct inflation, even tread wear as well as searching for any signs of damage.

At Marks & Wallings, we want to ensure that you get the best life and performance out of your tyres. Our qualified technicians can:

  • Check and adjust tyre pressure
  • Assess tread wear and advise you as to when new tyres are required
  • Rotate tyres - to achieve even tread wear and maximise tyre life

To arrange your next tyre check or service, come and see us at 940-946 Victoria Rd, West Ryde NSW 2114, or give us a call on (02) 9807 1000. Our qualified technicians will assess both the external and internal condition of your vehicle’s tyres to make sure that any repairs or replacements are best anticipated and handled appropriately.

Tyre Fitting at Marks and Wallings

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