A wheel balance ensures that the weight of your wheels is evenly distributed around the tyre. When combined with a wheel alignment, balanced wheels prolong the life of your tyres, increase performance and improve your vehicle’s safety.

Indicators that your vehicle may require a wheel balance include:

  • Shuddering in the steering wheel, particularly when travelling at higher speeds
  • Uneven treadwear
  • Rapid treadwear
  • A combination of the above symptoms
  • Ignoring these warning signs can seriously impact on your vehicle’s overall performance and safety.

It is best practice to perform a wheel balance whenever new tyres are fitted or when existing tyres are dismounted for repair.

At Marks & Wallings, we offer wheel balancing services in West Ryde and the surrounding areas. Come in and see us for your next wheel balance at 940-946 Victoria Rd, West Ryde NSW 2114, or give us a call on (02) 9807 1000 and feel confident that your vehicle, and tyres, are running to the highest standard.

Wheel Balancing at Marks and Wallings

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