Cinturato P7 Tyre

Cinturato P7 is the new Pirelli high performance green summer tyre, created to maximize your driving pleasure, ensuring safety and well-performing behaviour on the road, while respecting the environment. Cinturato family is Pirelli answer to the needs of enviroment-sensitive customers that prefer to choose products with low impact on the world we live in. With Cinturato P7 Pirelli has made another great step forward: no pollutant additive utilized during the production and dispersed into the environment during the life of your tyre, reduced CO2 emissions through the reduction of the resistance of your tyre when rolling on the road, reduced noise, high mileage. All this without compromising your driving pleasure and safety: Cinturato P7 helps your car braking shortly in dry and wet conditions.

Key Features

  • ENERGY™ EFFICIENT: Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • CLEAN AIR: Made from eco-compatible materials that minimise environmental impact, both at the production stage and throughout the life of the tyre.
  • HIGH MILEAGE: Longer lasting tyre that maintains high levels of performance and safety.
  • LOW NOISE: Already complies with the 2012 EU Regulation on the reduction of noise, resulting in improved driving comfort.

Performance Category: Touring

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Tyre Brand: Pirelli

Tyre Name: Cinturato P7

Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
205/50R16 87W87W
205/55R16 91V91V
205/55R16 91V91V✓
205/55R16 91W (MO)91W (MO)
205/55R16 91W (AO)91W (AO)
205/55R16 91W (*)91W✓ (*)
205/55R16 91W (KS)91W (KS)
205/60R16 92V (MO)(KS)92V (MO)(KS)
205/60R16 92V (MO)92V (MO)
205/60R16 92W (AO)92W (AO)
205/60R16 92W (*)92W✓ (*)
205/65R16 95V (MO)95V (MO)
215/60R16 99V (KS)99V XL (KS)
225/50R16 92W (MO)92W (MO)
225/55R16 95V (MOE)95V (MOE)
225/55R16 95W (*)95W✓ (*)
225/55R16 95W (*)95W✓ (*)
225/60R16 98Y (AO)98Y (AO)
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
205/45R17 88W (*)88W✓XL (*)
205/50R17 93W (K2)93W XL (K2)
205/50R17 89Y (*)89Y✓ (*)
205/55R17 91V (*)91V✓ (*)
205/55R17 91V (*)91V (*)
205/55R17 95V (J)95V XL (J)
205/55R17 91W (MO)91W (MO)
205/55R17 91W (MO)91W (MO)
205/55R17 91W (MOE)91W (MOE)
215/45R17 91W (KA)91W XL (KA)
215/55R17 94V (KS)94V (KS)
215/55R17 94W94W
225/45R17 91W (KS)91W✓ (KS)
225/45R17 91W (MO)91W (MO)
225/45R17 91W (KS)91W (KS)
225/45R17 91W (*)91W✓ (*)
225/45R17 91W91W
225/45R17 94W (K1)94W XL (K1)
225/45R17 91Y (AO)91Y (AO)
225/50R17 94W (*)94W✓ (*)
225/50R17 94W (MOE)94W (MOE)
225/50R17 98W (*)98W✓XL (*)
225/50R17 98Y (AO)98Y XL (AO)
225/50R17 98Y (*)98Y✓XL (*)
225/50R17 98Y (AO)98Y XL (AO)
225/55R17 101V (J)101V XL (J)
225/55R17 101W (J)101W XL (J)
225/55R17 101W (MO)101W XL (MO)
225/55R17 97W (*)(K1)97W✓ (*)(K1)
225/55R17 97Y (*)(MO)97Y (*)(MO)
225/55R17 97Y (*)(MOE)97Y✓ (*)(MOE)
225/55R17 97Y (AO)97Y (AO)
225/55R17 97Y (*)97Y✓ (*)
225/55R17 97Y (AO)97Y (AO)
225/60R17 99V (*)99V (*)
225/60R17 99V (*)99V✓ (*)
225/60R17 99V99V✓
235/45R17 97W (KS)97W XL (KS)
235/55R17 99W (KS)99W (KS)
235/55R17 99W (J)99W (J)
245/40R17 91W (MO)91W (MO)
245/45R17 99Y (MO)99Y XL (MO)
245/55R17 102V (*)102V✓ (*)
255/45R17 98W (*)98W✓ (*)
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
205/40R18 86W (*)86W✓XL (*)
215/45R18 89V89V
215/50R18 96Y (KS)96Y XL (KS)
225/40R18 92W92W XL
225/40R18 92Y92Y XL
225/40R18 92Y (*)92Y✓XL (*)
225/45R18 91V (*)91V✓ (*)
225/45R18 91W (*)91W✓ (*)
225/45R18 91W (AR)91W✓ (AR)
225/45R18 91W (MO)91W (MO)
225/45R18 91W (*)91W✓ (*)
225/45R18 91W (MO)91W (MO)
225/45R18 95W (KS)95W XL (KS)
225/45R18 95W95W XL
225/45R18 95Y (MOE)95Y XL (MOE)
225/45R18 95Y (*)95Y✓XL (*)
225/45R18 95Y (J)95Y XL (J)
225/50R18 95W (*)95W✓ (*)
225/50R18 95W (*)(K1)95W✓ (*)(K1)
225/60R18 104W (*)104W✓XL (*)
235/45R18 94W94W
235/45R18 98Y98Y XL
245/40R18 97Y (AO)97Y XL (AO)
245/40R18 97Y (J)97Y XL (J)
245/40R18 97Y (MOE)97Y XL (MOE)
245/40R18 97Y (AO)97Y XL (AO)
245/45R18 100Y (MO)100Y XL (MO)
245/45R18 100Y (*)100Y XL (*)
245/45R18 100Y (*)(MOE)100Y✓XL (*)(MOE)
245/45R18 100Y (*)(MOE)100Y✓XL (*)(MOE)
245/45R18 100Y (*)(MO)100Y XL (*)(MO)
245/45R18 100Y (AO)(KA)100Y XL (AO)(KA)
245/45R18 96Y (*)96Y✓ (*)
245/50R18 100W (*)100W✓ (*)
245/50R18 100W (MOE)100W (MOE)
245/50R18 100Y (*)100Y✓ (*)
255/40R18 95W (AR)95W✓ (AR)
255/40R18 95W (*)95W✓ (*)
255/40R18 95Y (*)95Y✓ (*)
255/45R18 99W (*)99W✓ (*)
275/40R18 103Y (MO)103Y XL (MO)
275/40R18 103Y (*)103Y XL (*)
275/40R18 99Y (*)(MOE)99Y✓ (*)(MOE)
275/40R18 99Y (*)99Y✓ (*)
275/45R18 103W (MOE)103W (MOE)
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodeTechnology
225/45R19 92W (*)92W✓ (*)
235/40R19 96W96W XL
235/40R19 96W96W XL
245/40R19 94W94W
245/40R19 98Y (*)(MOE)98Y✓XL (*)(MOE)
245/40R19 98Y (MOE)98Y XL (MOE) NCS
245/50R19 105W (*)105W✓XL (*)
245/50R19 105W (*)105W✓XL (*)
255/45R19 104Y (AO1) 104Y XL (AO1) NCS
275/35R19 100Y (*)(MOE)100Y✓XL (*)(MOE)