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The AC system in your car works year round. In cooler weather it demists the windscreen when it becomes foggy and when it gets warm, the AC system removes humidity from the cabin and keeps you nice and cool.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed the effectiveness of your car’s AC system over winter. Now that summer is here though the weather really ramps up and if your AC system isn’t working as well as it once did, you could be in for an uncomfortable ride.

When do you have your car’s AC system serviced?

In general, vehicle manufacturers recommend that you have your AC system serviced every 2 years. This helps to ensure its reliability and consistent performance year round. Located in West Ryde, Marks & Wallings authorised technicians offer a complete and comprehensive service of your AC system.

Servicing your AC system every 2 years can actually help you to save money in the long term. For instance, leaking refrigerant will force the AC system to work harder, which increases the amount of fuel your car uses.

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Is your car’s AC system not working?

Your car’s AC system is made up of many components. It only takes one of these components to fail or to not be working properly for the entire AC system to become compromised.

A common issue with car AC systems is that they’re prone to developing leaks. Pressurised refrigerant can escape slowly over time as a result of engine vibrations and temperature changes. This causes pipes to move and the rubber rings to expand and contract. It may not be noticeable at first but over time you will find that your AC system is no longer as effective as it once was.

Another common issue is that the O-ring seals on the AC system can dry out during winter. This tends to happen because the AC system isn’t in as much use in winter. You can reduce the likelihood of this issue occurring by running the AC on a regular basis, even in winter. It only needs to be for around 5 minutes and this will help to keep the seals lubricated.

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Could your car’s AC system need regassing?

You might find that whilst your AC system is working, it simply doesn’t seem to be overly effective. This may be an indication that your car’s AC system needs regassing.

Regassing a car’s AC system must always be completed by a qualified professional as the process involves the removal and recapture of the remaining refrigerant gas from the AC system. Once this has been done, new refrigerant is used to ensure that your AC system runs nice and cold again.

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Where can you have an AC service or regas in West Ryde?

The qualified technicians at Marks & Wallings can perform a series of thorough AC system checks, balances, repairs and replacements as required. If you’ve noticed that your car’s AC system is leaking, or is simply not working contact us, we’ll make sure your AC system is working properly to get you through the heat of summer!