Cars driving on a NSW highway

What is a roadworthy inspection?

Put simply, in NSW a roadworthy inspection is required for all light vehicles that are 5 years or older. This is required on a yearly basis and works to ensure that your vehicle meets minimum safety requirements for use on Australian roads.

Roadworthy inspections are sometimes referred to as a pink slip check or an eSafety check and the legislation regarding roadworthy inspections varies from state to state. If in doubt, it is always good to contact the road transport authority in your state or territory for further details.

Where do you have a roadworthy inspection?

You must have your roadworthy inspection completed with an Authorised Inspection Scheme (AIS) station. Marks & Wallings is an AIS station.

Located at 940-946 Victoria Rd, West Ryde, our qualified technicians ensure that our inspection process follows NSW’s rules and regulations.

Technician looking at car engine bay holding a clipboard making notes on a roadworthy inspection checklist.

What is checked in a roadworthy inspection?

A roadworthy inspection aims to ensure that the key components of your vehicle have not become worn or deteriorated as per the guidelines set out by the Department of Transport.

Some of the areas assessed during a roadworthy inspection include:

  • Wheels
  • Tyres - tread wear, age and condition
  • Lamps and reflectors - function as expected
  • Windscreens and windows
  • Steering and suspension
  • Exhaust and emission control
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Vehicle body and chassis - for rust, corrosion and damage

It’s important to be aware that a roadworthy inspection doesn’t check for the vehicle’s overall mechanical reliability or general condition, instead it is a means to assess your car’s road worthiness at a particular point in time.

What happens if your car fails a roadworthy inspection?

If your vehicle doesn’t pass its roadworthy inspection there’s no need to panic. You have 14 days to complete any necessary repairs before having a follow-up roadworthy inspection to then renew your vehicle registration.

If your vehicle doesn’t pass its roadworthy inspection, we will advise you as to why and can provide you with a quote for any necessary repairs. Once you’ve completed any necessary repairs and your vehicle passes the inspection you can renew your vehicle registration online.

Technician with hand on car tyre with a customer in a workshop looking at a roadworthy inspection checklist.

Not sure when your car is due for a roadworthy inspection?

You’ll get a reminder that your vehicle is due for a roadworthy inspection along with your registration renewal notice. We recommend that you be proactive about booking in for your roadworthy inspection to avoid unnecessary stress when left to the last minute. You can book your vehicle in for a roadworthy inspection anywhere up to 6 months prior to the registration expiration date.

Marks & Wallings are an AIS station, offering roadworthy inspections to those in West Ryde and the surrounding areas. Open Monday to Saturday, come in and see us as 940-946 Victoria Rd, West Ryde, or contact us to stay safe and legal on NSW roads.